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We match Lovers of Art & Design, Collectors and Creative Minds

More than a shop, a community & lifestyle surrounded by the touch of art, which enables easy access to Wall ART Design Items, Accessories & Casual Fashion, as collectibles, gifts, or personal everyday use.


Creative Minds are commonly characterised by their dedication, self criticism, vulnerability, and a big desire for growth in a business-oriented world. They spend hours and endless amount of energy making our surroundings much better. Art is everywhere. Behind that desired Porsche, LV bag, astonishing 5 star-hotels, impressive interiors, and those mystic artworks, there is a true Artist.  Because Art & Design are not so far apart, uniQfy bring both talents together to offer creative minds an extra stream of income by monetising their work with inspiring items and letting the lovers of art & design carry uniQue elements with an artistic touch.

How it works: 

  • Art & Design Lovers have easy access to open or limited editions of art and items.

  • They can combine artwork with useful everyday items, like a scarf, a bag, and thus wear a unique look with the touch of an artist.

  • Interior designers can complement art with home-decor items, making a true statement of the chosen master piece.

  • Creators set the price for their artwork and get an extra stream of income for their design items. 

  • Creators choose whether they want to offer their work as an open or limited edition, also to make their artwork stand alone or in combination with design items.​

Join us on the uniQfy Club to learn about the future of Art & Design, to share your ideas, curiosity, and suggestions with the purpose of making a positive impact and keep growing all together. We will be searching about monetazition, copyright issues, the digitalisation of physical art along with the respective technology available, as well as topics shaping the future of art such as NFT, Blockchain, Crypto, DAOs, and the Metaverse.

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